Hi guys! Jessi and Race here. We are a photographer and cinematographer who fell in love. After working separately in the wedding industry for over 10+ years we wanted to integrate our shooting styles and experiences to shape Outlive Creative. Outlive is the culmination of a deep passion for photography, cinematography, and good style.

We love simplicity and authenticity. Our approach is clean, straightforward, and natural. We are drawn to the beauty of the Northwest, and we aspire to reflect this elegance in our work. We are constantly collaborating with other artisans, and are committed to breathing life into a vision. We eagerly pursue an agenda that fills our time with creating, exploring, innovating, and experimenting: and we love every minute of it. 

Thanks for checking out our work. We look forward to connecting.


Growing up Jessi's family tradition was to go camping in Durango, Colorado every year. It was in Colorado where Jess witnessed an unforgettable sunset when she was nine years old. Quickly borrowing her mother's film camera to photograph the fiery sky, she soon realized her passion for capturing beautiful moments. Ever since that sunset 20 years ago, Jess has been fervently connected to a camera in a deep and meaningful way... specifically film. Her passion centers on creating fine art film photographs showcasing love, life, and experiences. When not photographing, Jess enjoys hiking, exploring, snowboarding, interior design, travel, and spending time with her 5 year old daughter, Zoey Rae.

Race grew up in Oregon's Northwest, in a small and humble town called, Scio. He discovered his passion for cinematography in seventh grade.  Before he earned his video production degree, Race spent three years working and snowboarding at Timberline. Race enjoyed life as a professional paintballer, band member, skateboarder, and world traveler during his young adult years. As his craft matured, he found himself filming all these subjects of interest, eventually leading Race to find his passion for filmmaking. Aside from filming, Race also loves to hike, adventure, snowboard, travel, photograph, and spend time with Zoey and their Mini Aussie, Shasta.


As a company, Outlive Creative was formed to foster inspiration, encouragement, empowerment and respect. We are here to develop a brand that stands for the value and importance of people and quality craftsmanship. We are driven to deliver the best experience, customer service, and end product. Quality over quantity is important to us so we only accept a limited amount of weddings and events a year. To learn more about our wedding, event, and elopement service...connect with us here


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