Photo by fellow fine art film photographer, Coco Tran

Photo by fellow fine art film photographer, Coco Tran


There are four primary reasons why our lead photographer, Jessi Rae chooses to photograph with film. Here is what she has to say...

#1 My Background + Roots

In 1996 I started shooting film photographs. The first film camera that I had was an old 35mm Pentax ME. I got it when I was around 9 or 10 years old and from there I fell in love with film photography. I learned and practiced shooting on film for years. Unfortunately, I could no longer upkeep a darkroom while I was going to college because of the cost demands so I gave in and picked up a Canon 20d as a secondary.
While I was going to school I wanted to be a photo journalist until I was hired full time at Ultra-Spective Photography in August of 2009. I was also working alongside  Modern Love Photography shooting weddings. I gained a lot of experience doing portrait and wedding photography. Ever since, I have been passionate about capturing people and their unique love stories. When I walked away from Ultra-Spective and Modern Love, I had a desire to go back to my roots and start from scratch - WITH FILM.


While shooting film, you can't preview the images on spot so you need to be one with the camera. It sounds super cheesy, but you need to know what the heck you are doing. I love this challenge because it keeps me connected and engaged with my instrument which is then represented in my images. I love the art of photography and the art of love. To fuse the two together makes a perfect combination. 


A photographer once stated that you cannot claim photography as fine art. I disagree with that. My definition of fine art IS FILM. My finest years were in high school where I spent the majority of my time in the darkroom. I love the step by step process of film and I highly respect those who shoot with it. Its very special. 

Photo by Coco Tran



Film is downright beautiful. The tonal ranges, the depth, the sharp quality, and that BOKEH. Digital can not reproduce that beautiful intense bokeh. 

Photo by Race Jones

Photo by Race Jones


Fine Art Meets Modern

My favorite photographers are those who break the mold and take photos to fill a creative void. I respect a photographer who does not compromise their style for the sake of what is both popular and accepted....This is the difference between art and business.  I have a lot of respect for those who succeed in both!
This is my new journey. I did not pick up a camera yesterday, but I strive to learn as if I did. I am inspired by both film photography and digital photography. They both have a place. I highly respect my co-photographers despite what instrument they choose to use. I stand for film over digital, community over competition and quality over quantity. 

- Jess