Loloma Lodge Wedding Photos and Video by Outlive Creative



From the Bride:

Our wedding weekend was titled, “Surrender to the Awesome.” It’s our mantra that we came up with at 4am after one of our first dates — we were driving home from meeting Amma together and felt a rather overwhelming feeling of love and total magic, so much so that it sorta freaked us both out. You know, that “too good to be true” feeling.
Why do we hold ourselves back from the awesome? Why do we hold ourselves back from achieving greatness, from going after our dreams, from allowing ourselves to feel joy?
When Brendan and I started to melt into one another in the beginning of our relationship, it was so important that we leaned further into the magic and not away from it. It wasn’t a perfect science at first, as fear got the best of us at times, but we did end up surrendering to the awesome. So much so, that a couple of years later, our wedding guests were carrying tote bags donning the mantra. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
It was the absolute most perfect theme for our wedding. And so we all did, together under the forest canopy, we surrendered to the awesome. And it was one for the books. 


From the Bride:

Brendan makes sure that everyone he encounters feels seen, heard, and accepted. Brendan believes in being “gentle” (he has to tell me to be gentle…often.) He cultivates water energy in the sense of letting things simply roll away — he doesn’t get caught up in little troubles. Brendan is also super devoted to meditation which is a likely contributor to his overall sweet and compassionate presence. He acknowledges that every person is doing the best they can — and he too is doing his best. I’m so very lucky to walk a path alongside this wonderful man.

From the Bride:

On Saturday, September 29th 2018 I married my soulmate. In my womb is the greatest birthday gift and miracle, a baby that is 17 weeks old. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
My heart is brimming with anticipation to bring this new life onto this Earthly plane and for my husband and I to walk beside our little one with fresh and uncharted perspective, open hearts, and absolute unconditional love. I never have walked a subtle path on this journey of the human experience, and so, being 17 weeks pregnant on my wedding day was divine. There we were under the flower-laden arbor by the rushing river, the three of us along with our soul family officiant @janacruder, reaching out our hearts to commit to walking a spiritual path in tandem love — today and far beyond the realms of this time scape.


From the Bride:

The wedding weekend itself was the most love-filled gathering that I’ve ever witnessed. The forest held us and inspired each person to lean into opening their hearts to one another and themselves — our love for each other unfolded in ways that I know will radiate long into the days and years to come. ⠀⠀⠀




WEDDING PLANNER Bree / Indigo Bride

PHOTO / VIDEO Outlive Creative

VENUE Loloma Lodge, Oregon

FLORIST Marisa / Revel Petals

RENTALS Kim / Heirlooms & Co.

MUAH Meghan Sutherland

DRESS DESIGNER Odylyne the Ceremony

GROOMS CUSTOM SUIT Wildwood & Company

CAKE Crumb Cakery / Tara Ferrara

CATERING A Broken Angel

RINGS Erica Molinari

BRIDAL CROWN Miranda’s Vintage Bridal

MUSIC Joill (DJ) & Peirson Ross

FILM SCANS Photovision

Custom version implementing their custom wedding song. From the bride:

@nadinersalem was deeply thoughtful and generous to write, produce, and record this song for Brendan And I. It’s titled, “Oregon Rain” and the full version maps out the journey of our relationship. We got to listen to it when the rain came to visit the wedding reception.” - Alicia