Curtis and Jamey contacted Outlive Creative because they were searching for a dynamic photography and videography team to capture their elopement in May. From our first conversation, we knew that we would be the perfect fit to serve Jamey & Curtis. We both appreciated Gods creation tremendously and shared the same passion for being out in it.

Being from Texas, Jamey and Curtis had never been to Portland, Oregon! It was a huge leap of faith to decide to get married in an unfamiliar and foreign land. We love the adventure, passion, and energy that Jamey and Curtis possessed. They were able to get the full Pacific Northwest experience because they waded through frigid waters and scrambled over log jams like pros.

Elopements are very special and give the bride and groom an opportunity to have a stress free experience, to take in the beauty around them, to appreciate and remember every moment of their day, and to be intimate with one another. Jamey and Curtis took full advantage of the elopement perks! Though the trek into the falls was challenging for everyone... none of us would trade the experience for another. Having the elopement in the Columbia River Gorge was a perfect location choice!



  • Cinematographer: Race and Ruvim
  • Drone Operator: Nolan and Race
  • Video Editor: Race
  • Colorist: Jess
  • Photographer: Jess
  • Photo Assistant: Emily
  • Graphic Designer: Whitney
First, let me just Thank you! I am truly at a loss as to how I feel right now. Curtis and I have watched the video at least 4 times and each time we both cried. It is one of the most beautiful videos I have ever seen. Our love is very real and you captured that, that can’t be easy. That day will never be forgotten! Neither will the water we hiked in or the obstacles in our path :). Thank you does not seem appropriate, but I truly am at a loss for words. My prayers are that God will continue to bless all of you and your business. You have a gift, please spread your Love and art around for the world to see.

Please let us know if there is anything we can ever do for you. If you ever want to visit Dallas, you will always have a place to stay.

— Curtis and Jamey Dubke