Jess here. Though Outlive Creative is  currently based in Portland, Oregon, I grew up in the California Bay Area and photographed weddings there since 2009. Though I love the beauty of the Pacific Northwest, the predictable weather in California is every photographers dream. I was excited when I found out that Erica and Rosario's venue of choice was at the Meritage Resort in Napa California. Erica & Rosario reached out to Outlive Creative when my Fiancé and I first started this photography and videography company in 2015. They were really kind and appreciated our work and style which is the ideal client for any photographer. Erica and Rosario's wedding was so much fun! There was a high level of energy, excitement, love, relationships, and connections. It was a party all day. Aside from the amazing social vibes,  I could tell that Rosario and Erica not only loved the occassion, but they shared a strong and deep love for each other that was apparent and inspiring.

Cheers to many more years of love, happiness, parties, and marriage. Thanks Rosario and Erica for such a good time! Another fun aspect about this wedding is that it was a family effort! Below is a collection of my photos mixed in with my brother-in-law Derek's amazing work. Race and Nolan did a good job at capturing the true essence of the day through the film they produced shown above! Enjoy. 




  • Cinematographer: Race and Nolan
  • Video Editor: Race and Jess
  • Post Production: Derek
  • Photographer: Jess and Derek
  • Designer: Whitney