Columbia River Gorge, OR

Kelly & Nader contacted us to photograph and film their 2017 wedding. They hired us to film their engagement session as well! When they requested their shoot to be in the Oneonta Gorge, we immediately accepted the challenge and opportunity.

Back in May, the Outlive team shot an elopement in Oneonta. We had quite a struggle getting over the log jam with all of our gear including a giant drone case! After conquering the log jam, the next challenge is crossing a section of frigid, ice-cold water. Jess was the first to take a dip and swim to the other side. The leap took her breath away for a second, but within 5 minutes she was numb enough to go back and forth to help shuttle the gear.  

We knew what to expect on Kelly & Nader's engagement session. This time, however we were shooting on Labor Day with hundreds of people flooding the Gorge. When we arrived at the trailhead there was a paramedic on site; a man had frozen up on the log jam due to a panic attack and was stranded. This caused a line to form just to cross over the log jam - the people were piling up! This made for a very challenging, but fun shoot. 

The team awkwardly worked our way over the huge log jam and onto the ice water crossing which was the hight of the adventure! Unfortunately, on our way back there was an older woman who had fallen off the log jam. On the same subject, Jess' Contax 645 fell off of her harness and into the pit of the log jam - breaking her internal light meter. She didn't have an external light meter, but her trusty eyes were able to expose everything correctly! 


  • Cinematographer: Race
  • Assistant Cinematographer: Nolan
  • Drone Operator: Nolan and Race
  • Video Editor: Jess
  • Colorist: Jess
  • Photographer: Jess
  • Photo Assistant: Stacey