Why Invest in Wedding Videography?

Why Couples Don't

There is a misconception that videography is not necessary due to some of the concerns listed below:

  1. All the other wedding vendors take precedence because video isn’t necessary.

  2. Wedding films can be cheesy.

  3. Videographers can be distracting and intrusive.

  4. Photography is the top priority and they don’t want videographers to get in the way of their photographers.

  5. They don’t feel comfortable being on camera.

  6. The less vendors to coordinate with, the less stress.

Because of these misconceptions, it is hard for current day videographers to be valued or even considered. Now that we know why the question is asked, let's address those concerns!

What did Camille’s Dad Say?

What did Camille’s Dad Say?

What was funny?

What was funny?

What was said?

What was said?

Why Couples Should

The first step for the COUPLE is to erase any false misconceptions about video and for THEM to think about the long-term benefit of the investment.

How many hours have they put into their wedding day? How often are all their friends and family in the same location? How much was the dress, hair, makeup, beautiful flowers, decor, venue, etc? There are so many details that make up a wedding and photos do a great job at preserving those details and memories in a still one dimensional way. BUT, if given a chance, video can exceed a couples expectations.

  1. Video captures the actual sounds and feel of their wedding day. Environmental sound plays a special role in the location of their venue and where the wedding took place which places context to the story. The science and psychology of sound stimulate senses than still photos aren't capable of doing.

  2. Video captures special, emotional, or hilarious verbal statements exchanged throughout the day. Video captures the gasp when the bride’s father and husband-to-be see’s her for the first time. Video captures the inhale and exhale of when the bride tries to keep her composure during her vows and when the groom chokes during his. The still silence in between tears are powerful and something that photographs can not capture. Video captures the stutters and chokes of loved ones delivering toasts and the special blessings. well wishes and advice from their parents.

  3. Video captures the rare, hilarious, and special moments of the parents or grandparents busting a move on the dance floor. Photos can preserve those moments, but they don’t capture rhythm or lack thereof!

  4. This article by The Knot sums it up - Is Hiring a Wedding Videographer a Must or a Maybe?


All of these sounds and physical movements bring our clients to tears when they watch their wedding film. Our brides and grooms profess that agreeing to a wedding video was the best decision they could have made and it ends up being their favorite take away from the wedding. What they questioned INVESTING IN BEFORE THE WEDDING ends up being priceless AFTER THE WEDDING. Play this WEDDING HIGHLIGHT FILM to hear sounds, laughter, and sniffles. Listen to what loved ones had to say. We invite you to FEEL rather than TO just see.