Castello Di Amorosa Editorial Shoot



"Fashions fade, but style is eternal" -Yves Saint Laurent

With anything I style I ask myself, "Will this be timeless, relative and stylish in an eternal sense?" I want to be able to look back at the images and see the love, the connection, and the passion rather than out of date trends. For this shoot to be relative, reciprocal, and effective in making an impression and connection to the modern bride, I wanted to have the design elements compliment the couple, not to have the couple compliment the design elements.

I wanted to merge a modern aesthetic with a romantic European setting which is why I selected the Castello Di Amorosa, a 13th century Tuscan styled castle nestled on a hillside near Calistoga, CA. The 121,000 square foot castle sits on 170 acres and took owner, Dario Sattui 14 years to build. The dress, invitations, the cake, and the table setting were simple, elegant, and minimal to blend well with the texture and appeal of the castle. Unfortunately Castello Di Amorosa does not host weddings but they do offer photo permits for photo shoots!

The appeal of the castle was really cool with 109 rooms, four levels underground, four ground levels, it is equipped with a moat, a drawbridge, 5 defensive towers, an outdoor brick oven for baking bread, a church, a horse stable, secret passage ways, and a lot more cool features.

Though weddings, elopements, and rehearsal dinners aren't permitted, the castle is a perfect location to be proposde to, to bring a date to, or to have an engagement session at with the right photo permit. In fact the way I came across the castle was at a bachelorette party on a wine tasting tour which was so much fun. I highly recommend this location to other brides for those purposes. 



Please email me requesting permission to download whatever images you want!