Panther Creek Falls, PNW Waterfall Engagement Session

Our team loves to take our clients to the best photo shoot locations for their engagement sessions! Panther Creek Falls was a location that stood out to us. It is located in Southern Washington just outside of Carson, WA. The region is Mount Adams in the Indian Heaven Wilderness. It's the perfect backdrop to capture the Pacific Northwest at its finest... rain and all. 

We like to make sure that our adventures are feasible and safe for our clients. The pro to this location is that the trail is easy to access and that Panther Creek Falls is a short .40 mi hike to the viewpoint. There are two access locations to Panther Creek Falls; the upper falls and the lower falls. The upper is a very intermediate and mellow walk down to a viewing platform that overlooks the falls. We favored the lower falls because it's not congested with foot traffic, and is a beautiful view from below. 

When we scouted out the location prior to the shoot and it seemed like it would be an easy trek. Compared to our last session at Abiqua Falls just outside of Scotts Mills, Oregon, it did seem easier to get down to the falls. We came to find that it ended up being very challenging to shoot! It had just rained the day before so the steep path down was muddy with no traction. Sov and Kristin held through strong all the way down and back up. 

When we reached the waterfall, the mist and spray soaked Sov and Kristin plus our gear! It was challenging to change out our film in these conditions and to shoot video. In the end it turned out to be perfect. There is no better feeling after completing a difficult, wet and cold hike to get in a warm car! Sov and Kristin are such a beautiful couple, you can't even tell in our images that they broke a sweat! Though it was a hard session, we loved the way the images and video turned out. The experience and adventure that we shared together was the best part! 

Our friends over at the Outdoor Project have been an amazing resource for selecting the perfect locations for our photo shoots. Be sure to check them out when you're deciding on your next adventure!