Why Invest In Wedding Cinematography?



Smart consumers ask questions. The smartest consumers ask the right kind of questions. It's ok if brides question if they should invest in video or not. A norm had been created where videography only makes sense as an add on item.... IF there is room in the budget. It is instilled in couples that a wedding video is not necessary along with other concerns listed below:

  1. Videographers can be distracting and intrusive.

  2. Most wedding films are cheesy.

  3. Photography is the top priority and they don’t want videographers to get in the way of their photographers.

  4. They don’t feel comfortable being on camera.

  5. The less vendors to coordinate with, the less stress.

  6. It's not in the budget. We ran out of money!

Because of these concerns, it is hard for current day videographers who are nothing like the above to be recognized, respected, and valued. Videography is the least understood, under-represented, and under-valued service in the wedding industry. Now that we know why the question is asked, lets answer it!


The first step for the bride is to erase any false misconceptions about video and for her to think about the long term benefit of the investment. How many hours has she put into her wedding day? How often are all of her friends and family in the same room? How much was her dress, hair, makeup, suits, beautiful flowers, venue, etc? There are so many details that make up a wedding and photographs do a great job at preserving those details and memories. However, photos can not capture what is listed below:

  1. Video captures the actual sounds and feel of her wedding day. Was it raining? Was it sunny? Were there birds chirping? Was there a river or ocean nearby? These sounds play a special role in the location of her venue and where the wedding took place. The science and psychology of sound stimulate senses that still photos aren't capable of doing.

  2. Video captures special or funny verbal statements exchanged throughout the day.

  3. Video captures the gasp when the bride’s father sees her for the first time.

  4. Video captures sniffles from when the groom sees his bride for the first time.

  5. Video captures the inhale and exhale of when the bride tries to keep her composure during her vows and where the groom chokes during his. The still silence in between tears are moving and something that photographs can not capture.

  6. Video captures the cheer of the crowd after the first kiss during the ceremony and when the bride and groom are officially announced as man and wife at the reception.

  7. Video captures the stutter of the maid of honor and best man during their speeches.

  8. Video captures the rare, hilarious, and special moments of the parents or grandparents busting a move on the dance floor. Photos can preserve those moments, but they don’t capture rhythm or lack there of!

All of these sounds and physical movements bring our clients to tears when they watch their wedding film. 95% of the time, grooms are completely against video and don’t think its necessary. However, after the grooms see their wedding film, they are the ones who end up most grateful and appreciative! The grooms profess that agreeing to a wedding video was the best investment they could have made. 


  1. Do I want all of the special moments shared above captured in real time?

  2. Do I want to share the most important day of my life with people in an engaging, enticing, inspiring, and interesting medium like video?

  3. Do I want to invest in something that will bring my groom to tears and everyone else that watches the film?

  4. Do I want something super special to do every anniversary for the rest of my life…. (Watch your wedding film!)

  5. All marriages face struggles at some point. Would I want a pick me up for inevitable hardships.... (you can watch your wedding film and it will bring you back to the moment of when it all began to help eliminate apathy and disconnect!)

  6. Will I ever want to share my wedding day with my children or grandchildren?


If you answered yes to any of these questions, invest in video even if it means doing whatever it takes to afford it because in 5 to 10 to 30 years from now when you playback your wedding film, you will be grateful with your choice.