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Lewis and Clark College Wedding

Wow. This Lewis and Clark College Wedding was amazing and beautiful. David’s vows were some of the best we have ever heard. We cried while editing this one! Congratulations, Shiloh & David.

Words from the Bride:

How did you two meet?

“David got stationed in Morro Bay, CA with his job in the US Coast Guard. I was a year out of grad school and was working there as a Physical Therapist. The week before he moved to Morro Bay, he was hit by a drunk driver while walking in a cross walk. His knee was banged up so he arrived to his new station on crutches, and needing PT! My boss actually treated him. Ironically, we both grew up in NM and my boss told each of us that we should meet. We both declined. A few weeks later, I ended up treating him for his last few sessions. On his last day of PT, as he was leaving the clinic, he asked me in a fairly loud, confident voice, "So what time are you picking me up tonight?".... I guess he assumed I'd go out with him. I was totally embarrassed and ran away. We eventually met up and the rest is history!”

How did David propose?

“We went on a backpacking trip with some of my PT school friends to Havasupai Falls- which is gorgeous if you haven't been/seen it. David, being the injury prone one, managed to severely sprain his ankle after the 10-mile hike down (too much tang and vodka while relaxing in the falls I think). The next day, we'd planning on doing another 8-mile hike. Committed to his cause, David got up and wrapped his black and blue ankle the next day and we embarked on our hike. The first part involved scaling the wall near Moony Falls, one of the few huge, amazing falls there. I am terrified of heights so it was quite the ordeal to get me to climb down the slippery, wet ladders, ropes and notches that descended near the fall. We got to the bottom and David rushed me to go stand by the waterfall for a picture (he did this because no one else was standing up there and didn't want others in the pics). I was still mildly panicked and got a little huffy at him for rushing me, but I did what he asked. We went to pose for a picture and he proposed. I wish I'd not been in shock for the moment and had a more real reaction, but I think I was hyperventilating still from the climb down. My response was 'let me see the ring'. Thank God we have some good pictures (showing David's black ankle as he knelt and all!) to remember it by.”

What did you envision your wedding being prior to planning?

“Honestly, I never thought about my wedding a whole lot until we started planning. David loves the Twilight books (ha!), so I knew he wanted something woodsy or in lush outdoors. I think I always envisioned something outdoors but with access to amenities. And I definitely wanted a whimsical flare, but still classic. When David got transferred to Oregon and I found Lewis and Clark College's gardens I was in heaven. It reminded me of something out of Snow White. Timeless, magical, and romantic. It was everything I didn't know I wanted! It ended up coming together as the perfect representation of us.”

What unique elements or DIY details did you include?

“I used David's patch from his blue Coast Guard uniform that says his last name, "Carriaga' as my something blue, wrapped around my bouquet stem. I loved that touch. I thought our food was unique. David LOVES food and wanted fun, delicious bar food. Devil's Food catering was amazing and created a stations featuring chicken and waffles, steak sliders w/fries, and ceviche and salad. We brought in one of our favorite beers, 805, from central CA where we met. Our musician was also amazing. Bo Baskaro from John Ross was the best. One of my favorite songs has always been one of the main scores from the movie, Braveheart. He plays guitar and we had a cellist and violinist and they learned the song to play for the procession- I cried when I heard it. They also played "A Thousand Years" from Twilight (of course) for my walk down the aisle. I think those touches were really unique to us. I didn't do much DIY because I wanted to enjoy visiting with all the guests that came from out of town. Luckily, our planner, Emee from EJP Events helped make sure everything was taken care of which really allowed me to just relax.”

What was your favorite moment?

“Hmmmm. The first look I think. I wasn't sure if David would like my gown, I think he likes sexier looks usually. But when I saw him tear up, it was priceless. And his vows were pretty amazing.”

Tell us about your flowers, your gown, your favors, your cake, etc.

“For the flowers I wanted to keep it classic and simple since the gardens are so amazing. Kelsie Pfeif did an amazing job of putting together blush and white center pieces to include my favorites, ranunculas and peonies. I think they were a little bit of understated elegance. She also made some hanging floral arrangements for the tent. My gown was Mila Nova. My older brother was living in Chicago, so I knew I wanted to go dress shopping there. I had seen some Mila Nova dresses online and loved them so it was perfect that one of only a few US retailers was in Chicago. I did not expect to get a ball gown. It was one of the first dresses I tried on and the one we kept comparing everything to. I wasn't sure about it being good for an outdoor wedding and because I'm petite, but I ended up loving it so much and I really think it made everything more elegant. Our cake was from The Hungry Hero. We got a raspberry almond poppy seed and a carrot cake. They were amazing. We kept the style simple and they decorated them with fresh flowers upon delivering them- I think they looked beautiful and Alex and Zane were a dream to work with. We also had some finger desserts from Devil's Food. We opted to no do any favors- we figured the open bar was the best favor! And I liked the idea of just keeping things simple and clutter free. We did have to-go boxes for sweets, which is my personal favorite thing to take from any party!”

Describe your wedding day in your own words?

“I am probably biased, but I think it was perfect. More than I even expected it would be. Everything went so smooth, the bridesmaids looked amazing and I loved every second of getting ready and relaxing with them. The groomsmen showed up on time and looked very dapper and were such gentlemen. The combination of the music with the decor and wedding party look was just breathtaking. It still gives me butterflies thinking about it. David and I have both moved around quite a bit so I think we have kept a handful of really close friends. We are also really close with our families. Nearly everyone came to the wedding from out of state, so they are all a special part of our lives. Our minister is David's childhood minister from his hometown church. Our photographer, Rachel Veltri, is David's childhood friend. Between that, our personalized vows, and specifically picked songs, everything felt so intimate and I think you could really feel the love and emotion of the day. The speeches were also really amazing and I think spoke to the strong relationships we've created and the love we have for each other. I am just so grateful for the people we have in our lives and the day was really a celebration of that gift.”

What is one piece of advice that you could give to brides-to-be?

“Focus on what you want to remember most, even the small details like the breeze in the trees, taking deep breaths- just feeling it all. Also try walking in your shoes with your dress prior to the day! Mine had some crystals on them and they kept catching in the underskirt of my dress walking down the aisle, it was very distracting and probably my only regret.”

Is there anything else you’d like to share?

“Definitely invest in photographer and videographer! I don't think you have to break the bank but it's important. Looking back, I see all these fleeting moments that were caught. It's the best way to relive/feel the day.”

Below are a few of our frame grabs from this Lewis and Clark College Wedding:


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Event Partners:

Planner: EJP Events

Photographer: Rachel Veltri Photography

Videographer: Outlive Creative

Florist: The Blooming Bride

Invitations: Minted

Rentals: The Party Place

Catering: Devil’s Food Catering

Makeup: Glam by Samiha

Hair Stylist: French Cut Hair

Cake: The Hungry Hero

Dress Designer: Milla Nova

Groom’s Suit: The Black Tux

Rings: Sebastien Barier / TAP by Todd Pownell

Band: John Ross Music