The Most Adventurous Engagement Session - Oneonta Gorge

Oneonta Gorge Engagement Session

Oneonta Gorge Engagement Photos & Video

Kelly & Nader contacted us to photograph and film their Portland wedding. They hired us to film their Oneonta Gorge engagement session as well! When they requested their shoot to be in the Oneonta Gorge, we immediately accepted the challenge and opportunity. We had previously shot an elopement in the Oneonta Gorge so we knew what we were in for. 

Oneonta Gorge Engagement

“The Columbia River Gorge is home to countless viewpoints, hikes and recreational opportunities that make it one of the most spectacular places in the Pacific Northwest. Even in this incredible environment, the Oneonta Gorge stands out as a unique and exceptional area.

The hike up this narrow basalt chasm begins at the Historical Columbia River Highway and ends only a half-mile upstream at Lower Oneonta Falls. Many might consider the waterfall to be the highlight of the trip, and it is beautiful, but what sets Oneonta apart is the journey there.  The hike upstream includes some navigation over and around river rocks, with shallow splashing here and there, and potentially a chilly but refreshing crossing through some waist-deep water. In other words, be ready to get wet!

August and September are perfect months to visit – water temperatures are a bit higher and the creek's levels are a bit lower.  Before nature will allow you to pass into this special realm, however, you will have to cross over an enormous pile-up of fallen trees and debris simply known as the log jam.  Venturing over the log jam is certainly not for everyone, and many have suffered serious injury and even drowned in their attempts to climb over this often extremely slippery hazard”. - Tyson Gillard, Outdoor Project 

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